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60-Second Stir-Fry: Leda Meredith

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Once again, we're tossing wild edibles into the 60-Second Stir-Fry, talking about burdock with forager Leda Meredith on this week's Last Chance Foods. But Meredith is a former dancer, and that's what got her sizzling on the hot seat for our 60-second lightning round of questions.

She blanched whiter than a ramp when I asked her to pick between ballet and modern dance. She's done both.  

I was thrilled to learn that I saw her during her time with Jennifer Muller/The Works. I used to write dance reviews during the '90s, when Meredith was with the company. With Meredith's prompting, I remembered seeing her in a program at the Joyce Theater featuring two Muller classics, "Lovers" and "Refracted Light." I still remember how visually and emotionally stunning they were.

From dance to comfort food. Meredith, forager that she is, admits to having secret yearnings for chocolate and, especially, cheese. She told us later it doesn't fit her image as a weed-eater.

Here's my proposed solution: burdock fondue.