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Backers of Minimum Wage Hike Continue Push as Session Winds Down

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With 2-1/2 weeks left in the legislative session, those in favor of raising New York’s minimum wage are still pushing to get the bill passed this session.

The bill to raise the state’s minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $8.50 has been approved in the Democratic-led state Assembly, but faces opposition form Republicans who control the Senate.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said that he personally supports the increase but doesn’t think it will likely happen.

GOP Senate leaders have called the bill a “job killer” because small businesses would  have to limit hiring new workers.

Senate Democrats are pushing for what’s known as a hostile amendment, attempting to attach a wage hike to Republicans’ tax-cut credit package

“It is a direct benefit for the state’s overall economic development,” Senator Adriano Espaillat said.

Many of the proposals would not take effect until next year and would not have an impact on the tightly balanced state budget.

The Senate Republican’s package includes a 20 percent cut in the corporate tax rate for small businesses, and a $5000 tax credit for each new job created, $8000 if the new employee was unemployed, and $10,000 if they are a returning war veteran.

The business tax cut plan is not currently supported in the Assembly.