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Councilman Halloran to Bloomberg: Hey, Mayor, Leave Our Drinks Alone

Queens City Councilman Dan Halloran weighed in about Mayor Michael Bloomberg's latest idea to curb obesity and asked the mayor to retract his proposal to ban large sugary drinks from being sold in the city's restaurants, theaters and delis.

"Like everyone else, I am concerned about the health of New Yorkers," Halloran said in a statement on Friday, "but it isn't the government's job to tell people how much food or drink they are allowed to consume."

Halloran--who is running as the Republican candidate for the newly created 6th congressional district and recovering from brain surgery--called the ban on high-sugar drinks in containers larger than a traditional, 16-ounce pint glass ineffective and “pointless.”

On Thursday evening, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver told the New York Post that he might attempt to overrule Bloomberg's proposal at the state level.

“We may be getting too close to Big Brother,” Silver said to the Post.