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Friday, June 01, 2012

One of the variations on the I Heart NY logo in a new campaign by the Cuomo administration.

The Cuomo administration wants to let you re-mix the iconic I ♥ NY logo. Tom McGeveran of Capital New York and Donna Quadri-Felitti of NYU discuss the history of the branding, and how New York tries to sell itself. Plus: Dan Gross of Yahoo! on the latest jobs numbers and how the US economy is remaking itself in surprising ways; the "Flame" virus attacks Iran; and the Defense of Marriage Act gets rebuked in court.

I Heart New York - The Remix

The Cuomo administration wants to rebrand the iconic I ♥ NY logo. Capital New York editor Tom McGeveren and Donna Quadri-Felitti, a professor of hospitality and tourism management at NYU, discuss the history of the logo, how we brand our city and state, and the tourism industry today. Listeners: What do you make of the logo re-mix? What would you put in the middle of I [[Blank]] NY? Let us know!

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Ruling Against DOMA

William Eskridge, law professor at Yale and author of Dishonorable Passions: Sodomy Laws In America, talks about yesterday's ruling in Boston that the federal Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional and other gay marriage cases making news.

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Meet 'Flame'

Wired senior reporter Kim Zetter discusses 'Flame,' the latest tool of cyberweaponry infecting Iranian computers.

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Today's Jobs, Tomorrow's Economy

Today's May jobs report shows a slowing recovery and a rise in unemployment to 8.2% Dan Gross, columnist and economics editor at Yahoo! Finance, discusses the report, and how the US is trying to rework its economy for future success. His new book is Better, Stronger, Faster: The Myth of American Decline . . . and the Rise of a New Economy.

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Church and State

The award-winning playwright, screenwriter and director John Patrick Shanley talks about his latest play, "Storefront Church," which explores religion and politics in the Bronx. It's the final installment in his Church and State trilogy that started with "Doubt."

"Storefront Church" is in previews at the Atlantic Theater Company and opens June 11.

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