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60-Second Stir-Fry: Christopher Toole

Leave it to the 60-Second Stir-Fry's lightning round to render speechless someone who has a lot to say.  

Christopher Toole, the Bronx-based fish farmer who raises tilapia in plastic bins -- don't call them garbage cans! -- can talk a blue streak when it comes to urban farming and his vertically integrated farms. But he floundered (tilapiaed?) when it came to grueling questions like, "Taste you couldn't do without."

He chose his wife -- aw! -- as the answer to three out of 10 questions. At least Toole didn't name her as his favorite fish.

We've talked about edible weeds before on Last Chance Foods, so I was psychologically prepared for Toole's go-to recipe of "Tilapia with Invasive Weed Pesto." Still, it sounds a little off-putting and hostile. The name would need a public relations overhaul before he could put it on a menu.

How about tilapia with "Urban Wilderness Pesto"? Or "Park Harvest Pesto"? Foodies and foragers, do you have any other suggestions?