Corner Office to Oval Office; Apple After Steve Jobs

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Republican presidential candidate, and former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney.

With unemployment rising again and U.S. growth slowing, the economy will continue to dominate the presidential race. Mitt Romney argues his business experience has prepared him to turn these indicators around. But how does skill at running a company translate into skill at running a country?

One difference between politics and business is the relative absence of innovation, and no business has a more storied reputation for innovation than Apple. Under Steve Jobs, the company created history-making technology: the iPhone, the iPad, among them.

Now, all eyes are on the new CEO, Tim Cook, who has hinted at exciting new products, clues of which may be revealed at the Worldwide Developer Conference next week in San Francisco.

And Rana Foroohar with Time and Joe Nocera with The New York Times run down what they’re watching to make news in the weeks ahead: the final days of the Rajat Gupta insider trading trial and slowing growth in China.