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Christine Quinn: Name That Memoir!

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn may have a book tour coincide with her stumping for the 2013 Mayoral race, according to a report in the New York Times. The presumptive candidate – and current front runner - will pen a memoir documenting her childhood and life in New York City’s hard and tumble political world, that's slated to be published next spring.

The NYTimes reports:

The book will tell the story of Ms. Quinn’s upbringing in a middle-class Irish Catholic family, the death of her mother when Ms. Quinn was only 16 and her entry into politics as a community activist and elected official. Ms. Quinn has served on the City Council since 1999 and was elected speaker in 2006, the first openly gay person to hold the position.

But here’s the catch, the book has no title. So tell us, what should Quinn call her memoir?

Suggestions must be respectful, and be sure to consider the subtitle.

Here are a few other political memoirs to get the wheels turning:

Against All Odds: My Life of Hardship Fast Breaks, and Second Chances, by Sen. Scott Brown, published in 2011.

Dreams of My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, by Barack Obama, published in 1995, updated 2004

Living History, by Hillary Rodham Clinton, published in 2003

Bloomberg, by Michael Bloomberg, published in 1997

Mayor, by Ed Koch, published in 1984