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Just like a band on tour pulls off the road and heads into the recording studio, Soundcheck will spend the summer off the air creating something new. We'll return after Labor Day with a new evening timeslot, a new and expanded digital presence, and a lineup of terrific live events. 

john schaefer

For the past 10 years, Soundcheck has been primarily a radio show, and it’s going to be a radio show in the future. But in the last few years, we’ve had a lot of success doing other things, too: Many of you have come to WNYC to watch the concerts we present in The Greene Space. In online forums, we’ve been getting you to discuss, argue and out-geek one another on our web page (especially during Soundcheck Smackdowns). We’ve been shooting videos that, in some cases, are attracting hundreds of thousands of views. (There’s a link on our site right now that will allow you to watch nearly six and a half hours of Soundcheck’s in-studio performances on YouTube. That’s longer than the original “Star Wars” trilogy.)

Here’s What We’re Going To Do

To put it bluntly: We want to do more of this stuff and build on our success. But we need time to lay a foundation, especially when it comes to our digital home. To return to the touring-band analogy (and then it ends here, we swear), it’s hard to write, record and produce new songs while you’re still on the road, er, producing a daily radio show.

John and the team at WNYC are going to build a better Soundcheck, one that reaches even more of you online and on the air. We want you to be able to find Soundcheck in more places and find more of what you like about Soundcheck: conversations about music, in-studio performances, and things you didn’t even realize you wanted to know about.


What Happens This Summer?

Even though Soundcheck won’t be on the air every day this summer, the show will be more active than ever online. Visit the Soundcheck page for daily blog posts from John – and subscribe to our Facebook, Twitter and other social media feeds so you’ll know when we post videos, web exclusives, Schaefer-curated playlists and more. Plus, the Soundcheck podcast will feature new interviews and performances, plus some of our favorites from our decade-deep archive.

You’ll be an important part of this process. As we road-test ideas for Soundcheck, we want to hear what you think works and what doesn’t. And, we’ll hear about your own musical self-improvement project, as we get status updates from listeners in our Summer Resolutions Challenge.

And, you’ll still hear Soundcheck pop up around WNYC this summer, with the daily Gig Alert on Morning Edition, newsroom features and other special broadcasts.


And Then What?

Soundcheck will return to WNYC after Labor Day as an on-air evening program. John Schaefer will still start thought-provoking conversations and welcome in-studio guests, but we’re planning some surprises for the broadcast.

By that time, our online presence will be redesigned and revamped. Many of you will watch it evolve over the summer – and some of you will help participate in its evolution.

Our goal: to find more ways to give you more Soundcheck.