Gig Alert: ESG

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"I Feel Tonight"
Playing on Thursday at Le Poisson Rouge
(158 Bleecker St., Greenwich Village)
Get: Tickets ($25) | Directions 

ESG emerged from the South Bronx in the late '70s with a blistering blend of post-punk, minimalist funk and disco. The group was founded by the Scroggin sisters -- Renee (vocals), Valerie (drums), Marie (congas) and Deborah (bass) -- and friend Tito Libran (congas, vocals), and got its name from the gems emerald, sapphire and gold.

By the mid-'80s, ESG stopped performing, but the group’s funky rhythms had already begun to influence generations of hip-hop, house and dance-punk musicians and would continue on to be heavily sampled in subsequent decades. After a spate of reunions, releases and reissues throughout the ‘90s and the ‘00s, ESG announced earlier this year that it would be disbanding again to pursue other projects.

ESG performs at Le Poisson Rouge for its final New York City show on Thursday night. Before the concert, download “I Feel Tonight” from the latest album, Closure, and watch ESG's perform its hit “Moody” in the video below.