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"Into The Wild"
Playing on Wednesday at Joe's Pub
(425 Lafayette St., East Village)
Get: Tickets ($15) | Directions 

You may have heard songs by the L.A.-based singer-songwriter LP even it’s your first time hearing her sing. The Long Island native, who was born Laura Pergolizzi, has penned hits for Rihanna (“Cheers To That”) and Christina Aguilera (“Beautiful People”), among others. And while those noteworthy writing credits may get her a few glances, it’s really when LP hits the soaring notes in songs like Beyonce’s “Halo” and in her own tune, “Into The Wild,” which is available for download above, that people stop and stare.

LP inherited her sweet, powerful chops from her mother (an opera singer) and wields the instrument with assured familiarity of a seasoned musician. On “Halo,” her voice trills and undulates as it swoops through the pop ballad.

Watch LP perform "Into The Wild" and check her out live at Joe’s Pub on Wednesday night.