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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On today’s show: We’ll try to find the center of the Internet... and take a look at the infrastructure that enables much of the World Wide Web. We’ll find out about the role cheese has played in human culture. Joe Blair discusses his memoir By The Iowa Sea. Plus, attorney Michael Armstrong describes the tense two years he spent on the Knapp Commission's investigation into NYPD corruption.

A Journey to the Center of the Internet

Journalist Andrew Blum explains what and where the Internet is physically. His book Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet tells the story of the Internet's physical infrastructure and chronicles the its development, explains how it works, and takes an in-depth look inside its hidden monuments.

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Cheese and Culture

Paul S. Kindstedt tells the fascinating stories behind traditional cheeses and examines the role of the cheesemaker throughout world history. His book Cheese and Culture looks at the origins of cheese and its role in human history.  

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By the Iowa Sea

Joe Blair talks about his memoir, By the Iowa Sea, an unsentimental account of a family crisis and a natural disaster. After setting aside his dreams, Joe found himself middle-aged, with four kids, including a severely autistic son, and a marriage on the rocks. His memoir is the story of the changes his family went through to stay together.

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The Knapp Commission and NYPD Corruption

Michael Armstrong describes the1970-72 Knapp Commission investigation into police corruption, prompted by the New York Times' report on whistleblower cop Frank Serpico. In They Wished They Were Honest he examines how the commission affected the NYPD's public image, what leads to police corruption, and the toll it takes on society.  

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