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Ackerman Backs Meng's Bid for Congress

The congressman whose retirement created the open seat in the 6th Congressional district in Queens backed his choice from candidates seeking to fill that seat.

Congressman Gary Ackerman announced his support for Assemblywoman Grace Meng's campaign to be the Democratic candidate in the race on Tuesday. Meng is one of three Democrats campaigning for the June 26 primary.

“Grace is without question the most qualified candidate in this race," Ackerman said in a statement. "She has been a dynamic legislator in the Assembly and has focused on getting the hard work done, never forgetting her working, middle-class roots. I know Grace can be trusted to continue her exemplary record of public service in Washington as a continuation of my long service."

Ackerman's current congressional district, which straddles the border of Queens and Nassau County, makes up nearly 40 percent of the new 6th congressional district. A nearly 30-year incumbent, Ackerman was the favorite in this year's congressional election before announcing his retirement in March, which set the stage for a three-way primary between Meng, Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley and Assemblyman Rory Lancman.

"More than at anytime in our history, corporations and the most wealthy have hijacked government and politics. Gary has been fighting these dangerous trends in Congress and has protected consumers, seniors, and students," Meng said in a statement. "I am proud that he values my contributions and sees me as a worthy successor."

The endorsement was first reported in the New York Times.