Bedford Stuyvesant Holds First Memorial Day Parade

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Bedford Stuyvesant is holding its first veterans’ Memorial Day Parade Monday where a granite veterans' memorial will be unveiled.

Job Mashariki, founder of parade sponsor Black Veterans for Social Justice and member of the state Senate’s Veterans’ Hall of Fame, will be its grand marshal. He grew up in Bedford Stuyvesant and has spent 31 years reaching out to veterans, their families and the community.

The group’s current president and CEO, Wendy McClinton, said she hopes the parade will also spark a conversation about what returning veterans need when they come home.

"Every day, another one comes home with the remnants of a TBI, a traumatic brain injury, or post-traumatic stress disorder from being in a combat area situation. How do we deal with that?” she said. “We need to talk about the services that they need.”

McClinton said her non-profit organization will also be releasing a position paper Monday that outlines the best ways to help returning veterans readjust to civilian life.

The parade starts at 12 p.m. at 1360 Fulton Street.

The memorial will be unveiled at 2 p.m. at the headquarters of Black Veterans for Social Justice at 665 Willoughby Avenue.