Black Mormons on This Year's Presidential Election

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Whether you love or hate politics, it’s hard to deny that when it comes to identity and culture, this year’s presidential election is truly historic. The incumbent is, of course, half black and thus, a racial minority. The challenger is Mormon, and thus, a religious minority.

And if you’re black or if you’re Mormon, these minority candidates provide a chance to vote for someone who looks or worships like you, perhaps for the first time. But what if you’re one of the one million Americans who is both black and Mormon? Does identity factor in at all?

Two African-American Mormons join us today to share their thoughts. Hunter Stott is a young black Mormon husband and father. He was raised in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from the time he was a child. Darius Gray is a black Mormon speaker and writer who joined the LDS in the mid-1960s.