Strauss-Kahn Accuser Adds Gender Violence Claim to Civil Suit

The New York City hotel maid accusing the former head of the International Monetary Fund of trying to rape her added a gender-based violence claim Tuesday to her lawsuit against Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

In court papers, Nafissatou Diallo said Strauss-Kahn has shown “animus toward women.”

A city law allows people to sue so they can press claims they are victims of “violence motivated by gender.”

Lawyers for the one-time French presidential contender made no immediate comment.

Earlier this month, Strauss-Kahn countersued Diallo for $1 million dollars.

"As a direct result of her malicious and wanton false accusation, Mr. Strauss-Kahn suffered ... substantial harm to his professional and personal reputation in the United States and throughout the world," says his Bronx court filing, written by attorneys William W. Taylor III, Hugh Campbell and others.

Strauss-Kahn maintains the May 2011 encounter with Diallo was consensual.

The court rejected Strauss-Kahn's claim of diplomatic immunity, allowing Diallo's case to move forward.

Criminal charges against Strauss-Kahn over the encounter were dropped in August. As WNYC reported, prosecutors were concerned over inconsistencies in Diallo’s statements.

The investigators discovered she had lied about the exact sequence of events following the encounter with Strauss-Kahn and that she had previously made false statements on her asylum application and tax returns. The New York Times also reported Diallo discussed the incident with a friend incarcerated in an Arizona jail, and mentioned a possible financial pay-off in pursuing the case. (Diallo's attorney, Kenneth Thompson, has argued the translation of the conversation, which had been conducted in a dialect of Fulani, was not accurate.)

In a recommendation for dismissal, prosecutors said that Diallo had provided “shifting and inconsistent versions” of both the alleged assault and her background.

“In virtually every substantive interview with prosecutors, despite entreaties to simply be truthful,” the recommendation for dismissal stated. "She has not been truthful, on matters great and small.”

Strauss-Kahn is facing preliminary charges in his native France of involvement in a prostitution ring. He has denied the allegations.

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