Union Contests Expansion of County Exec’s Power in Nassau

A New York labor union is trying to block a measure that would give Nassau County’s executive power to make $40 million cuts in the budget without legislative backing.

County Executive Ed Mangano was given the green light by the legislature Monday, allowing him to “take any and all actions he deems necessary to create $40 million in savings," according to legislative documents.

Civil Service Employees Association Local 830 went to court seeking to file a temporarily restraining order to prevent the law from taking effect on Tuesday but was told the action could not be taken before the measure was signed into law, according to spokesman Ryan Mulholland.

Mulholland said the measure violates state and federal law, and gives the county executive too much power.

“He would have the right to open contracts any time he wants…a violation of the U.S. constitution,” Mulholland said. “He can make us pay more into our health benefits, which is another violation.”.

Nassau County didn’t respond directly to CSEA’s concerns.

But spokesman Brian Nevins said the measure “will prevent draconian cuts to senior, youth and mental health programs.”

Nassau County’s finances being managed by the Nassau Interim Finance Board. The state panel took control last year, after the county failed to balance its budget.

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