European Postminimalism


For this New Sounds, hear a load of European music from composers responding to American minimalism, including music from pianist and composer Arthur Jeffes – son of the the late Simon Jeffes, founder of Penguin Café Orchestra.  Hear some music by Sundog, the first new project on the Penguin Cafe Label, which is Arthur Jeffes on piano and Oli Langford on violin, and is something like "chopped up post-electro" minimalist chamber.

Also sample works from Switzerland’s Nik Bartsch and his band Ronin, and Italy’s Ludovico Einaudi.  Plus, Belgian composer Wim Mertens' work from the 80’s, “Gentlemen of Leisure” and music by Sicilian cellist/composer/producer Giovanni Sollima.

PROGRAM #3341, European Post-Minimalism (First aired on 5/22/2012)                                                 





Penguin Café Orchestra

Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Numbers 1 – 4, excerpt [1:40]

EEG 11


Insofar, Side 1

Shadows in Water [4:18]

Wim Mertens

Close Cover

Gentleman of Leisure [4:36]

Windham Hill #1056.
Out of print, but try auction sites.

Jeremy Peyton Jones & Regular Music

North south east west

Wardance I [5:33]

New Tone #6748

Ludovico Einaudi


The Tower [4:40]

Ponderosa Music & Art 068

Peter Michael Hamel

Let It Play

Let It Play (Part 2) – Transition [5:36]

Kuckuck CD 078 / Black Sun 11078 OR
Available at 

Giovanni Sollima


Aquilarco #7 (Rotating Dance) [6:14]

Point Music 462546
Out of print.


Insofar, Side 1

Light on Stone [5:49]

See above.

Nik Bärtsch's Ronin


Modul 38 17 [12:30]

ECM #1939