Will Dharun Ravi's Sentence Fit the Crime?

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The case of Tyler Clementi became national news when the Rutgers University freshman jumped off the George Washington Bridge in September, 2010. Clementi had recently told his family he was gay. Last March, a New Jersey jury convicted Clementi’s roommate, Dharun Ravi, of bias intimidation and invasion of privacy, after Ravi spied on Tyler kissing another man.

Today, New Jersey Superior Court Judge Glenn Berman will announce Ravi's sentence, and many are concerned that he might face a punishment that doesn’t fit the crime. Marc Pourier, law professor at Seton Hall University, is particularly concerned that Ravi will face an unfair sentence.

Ravi reflected that sentiment in an interview with ABC News last March, stating "I wasn't the one who caused him to jump." He told ABC, "I feel like I was being used by everybody. I felt that, it’s unfortunate that they’re taking advantage of me; even though what they think happened isn’t what happened."