Gig Alert: Lara Bello

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Lara Bello
"Nana de Chocolate y Leche"
Playing on Thursday at Drom
(85 Avenue A. East Village)
Get: Tickets ($10-12) | Directions 

Spanish singer Lara Bello maintains her music is rooted in the traditional music of her native Granada even as she incorporates influences from around the globe and her adopted home of New York City:

“In New York, I’ve found this very strong Latin American presence, a great community of Latin musicians -- there’re so many colors to work with here,” she explains in the promotional material for her sophomore effort, Primero Amarillo Después Malva (First Yellow, Then Purple). "To all my lyrics and music, there are things I bring from my travels or from meeting musicians and others, without even being conscious of it. But always, there is something of Granada.”

The follow-up to Bello’s 2009 jazz LP, Niña Pez, adds Syrian and French duets, Armenian melody and Peruvian percussion to flamenco and other traditional melodies from southern Spain. The song “Nana de Chocolate y Leche” (“Lullaby of Chocolate and Milk”), featuring Colombian harp by Edmar Castañeda, is an ideal example of the chanteuse’s new, catholic ethos and her graceful results.

Lara Bello performs at Drom tonight. Before the show, watch the music video for “La Flor Del La Ciudad” (“The Flower of The City”) from her debut album below.