Gig Alert: Rocky Votolato

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Rocky Votolato
"Little Spring"
Playing on Wednesday at Webster Hall
(125 E. 11th St., East Village)
Get: Tickets ($15) | Directions 

Seattle guitarist and singer-songwriter Rocky Votolato pens earnest folk-rock that recalls Simon & Garfunkel and is rooted in the folk and country melodies that he grew up listening to in Texas and the Pacific Northwest.

Before he released his debut solo album -- Makers in 2006 -- Votolato performed in rock outfits — most notably in the quartet Waxwing  in the mid-1990s. In 2007, he followed up his first effort with The Brag & Cuss and then True Devotion in 2011. Votolato’s loyal fans stepped in and successfully backed the self-release of his newest record, Television of Saints, which came out this past April. The opening song to the album, “Little Spring,” is available for download above.

On Wednesday night, Rocky Votolato plays The Studio at Webster Hall as part of a string of promotional dates for the new LP. For a show preview, watch the Seattle musician perform “Little Spring” below.