Mara Liasson on Political News

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mara Liasson, national political correspondent for NPR, discusses recent political headlines in the 2012 election and in Washington DC.


Mara Liasson

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It's irrelevant if Brian Lehrer chooses to talk to Mara Liasson or anyone else. Her personal ideological views and journalistic credibility are irrelevant. They are non-factors.

I trust Brian Lehrer has the chops to ensure a proper, thorough, balanced discussion no matter who his guest is. WNYC/ NPR listeners are mature and informed enough to distinguish hacks and propagandists from straight-shooters and reasonable journalists.

Let Mara Liasson stand or fall on her own merit, as Brian Lehrer does on his.

May. 16 2012 03:45 PM
bob hall from new jersey

I don't understand why you talk to Mara Eliason. She is a Fox News-inflected reporter who can be counted on to provide a Republican-tilted viewpoint. A good example of the way she filters information is her citation of the incomplete CBS/NYT poll showing Obama's gender advantage literally vanishing overnight for no good reason.

I certainly do not find anything Mara Eliason has to say worth listening to.

May. 15 2012 11:40 AM
Colin from Williamsburg/Brooklyn

I agree with samDee. Before NPR gave him the shaft Juan Williams as a columnist we always knew about Mr. Williams slightly right of center leanings. Fair enough. With Mara Liasson trying to play that "objective" reporter mantle and still work for both News Corp. and NPR. Let just say no woman/man can serve two masters. If she came from a different news oganization e.i. CNN, ABC, or CBS that at least trys to be objective then I wouldn't take her repoting with a ton of salt.

May. 15 2012 11:12 AM

@Jeff Park Slope

No need to worry! Comments boards are full of "life-long Democrats" and "movement Democrats", who are appalled, simply appalled, by the behavior of liberals today

Indeed, this has become an on-line genre by now: how deeply disappointed former liberals (so they claim, anyway) are, unwilling as current liberals are to see the light and embrace Republican dogma, unlike the commenter in question. It's a growth industry apparently, disabused liberals.

May. 15 2012 11:02 AM
Taher from Croton on Hudson

Jeff Park Slope, you too might be enlightened by this. Thanks for your brilliant comments.

May. 15 2012 10:57 AM

@Martin Chuzzlewit from Manhattan

"Incoherence"? Really? I would have thought the matter of corporate interests corrupting the practice of journalism was perfectly clear, and is particularly stark among employees of Rupert Murdoch, including a certain Mara Liasson.

Indeed, if there's a larger or more pressing matter in the malpractice of journalism today, it escapes me. If this, to you, is incoherence, perhaps you have interested in not seeing the obvious?

May. 15 2012 10:48 AM
Jeff Park Slope

Reading these posts for the past few weeks has been eye opening, even for me, a former liberal and loyal NPR listener/NY Times reader (between 1973 and the late 1980s early 1990s). There is so much that you do not know and do not understand. Occasionally you are blindsided by the rare fact that is slips through that does not align with your world view and you are unable to process it. No understanding of economics, or human motivation or history and yet a sense that you know so much. Very little tolerance for different viewpoints, which of course makes sense because you can't process them, can't dispute them via analysis, so you don't want to hear them. No sense of how little you really know.

May. 15 2012 10:41 AM

@jgarbuz -

Interesting. Your mom sounds like quite a woman.

May. 15 2012 10:36 AM
Amy from Manhattan

I remember hearing the stat Mitt Romney's been citing on poverty before. But (if it's true in the 1st place) the real question is whether it's a cause-&-effect relationship, as he assumes. Which in itself says something about how he thinks.

May. 15 2012 10:31 AM
margot from new york city

In playing that Romney excerpt why has no one suggested pointed out that he has it exactly backwards. People get married and have kids because they are less poor, have more stable models, ambitions, guidance. His "poor" values examples have not had the opportunity for life to be different. Marriage doens' cure poverty, poverty inhibits marriage.

May. 15 2012 10:29 AM

How can the guest already decide that Romney is going to win? We still have GOP primaries going on and Ron Paul is actually winning a few states. We don't know who the GOP VP candidate is. There are still too many conservative and independent voters that don't like Romney at all and may not show up on Election Day. We still have six months left and there's a lot of ground to cover.

May. 15 2012 10:28 AM
Taher from Croton on Hudson

I don’t understand where this guest is coming from.
There is a schism within the Republican Party. The rich and more socially liberal on one side and the not so rich socially extreme conservative religious rank and file on the other.
The Republicans party’s radical conservatives shock troops of old are in rebellion against the establishment and it’s candidate. I want to see what happens at the convention.
It ain't going to be easy on Romney.

May. 15 2012 10:27 AM
jgarbuz from Queens

I just want to make a public tribute to my departed mom, a Holocaust survivor, a "traditional" God fearing-woman who was the strongest, smartest, wisest woman I have ever known or heard. yet came from a tiny, rural "shtetl" in Poland. She lost her first son and her whole family and survived things I can't even begin to imagine, and even ran a store in the worst neighborhood in Brooklyn, fearlessly standing up to hoodlums with bravery that would make any man shrink.

To mom: I'm so happy you never read a book, never got a Ph.D, and never had to "prove" you were equal to a man, because I have never met a man yet who could ever be your equal. Despite being the obvious superior, you shined my father's shoes, not because you had to, but because you were a dutiful wife and mother and, as you said,"I GIVE the man 52% and myself only 48%" because you were raised in such a manner, as a helpmate and not an overlord, even though you were really the power behind the throne at all times.

To my mother Rose, you are gone but will never be forgotten by anyone who ever knew you. -

From an unworthy son.

May. 15 2012 10:26 AM

and...Brian great job of refusing to report that the republican Primary is still going on and there isn't a winner.

May. 15 2012 10:21 AM

Women who would vote Romney over Obama clearly don't see the chains underneath the silken glove....

The failure of the President to lead us out of the GOP-induced recession is only half his problem. The GOP (Senate, House and GOP-held governorships and state houses) have been standing on the brakes with both feet in order to keep the economy in recession.

I would never vote to reward such anti-American behavior.

May. 15 2012 10:21 AM
Sheldon from Brooklyn

Falwell on 9/11:

"I really believe that the pagans, abortionists, feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People For the American Way, all who have tried to secularize America. 'you helped [the 9/11 attacks happen.]'" the [9/11] attacks were "probably deserved,"

Could you imagine if Obama spoke at a "Rev. Wright" university? Hannity's head would explode.

May. 15 2012 10:20 AM
RC from NY

I don't trust polls. We never know who is polled and we don't know where the poll took place.

May. 15 2012 10:20 AM
john from office

I intend to vote for Obama and am sure he will win. Just the bully stories about Romney are so telling about who we are dealing with here.

May. 15 2012 10:20 AM
antonio from bayside

What the guest is saying amounts to zero, because if you take a look at the electoral map...
Obama is STARTING at 253 and Romeny is at 170...
What ROMENY should take a look at is South Carolina, if we are judging by one poll...
Obama is up by two, which would be the end of the campaign for the Republicans...

May. 15 2012 10:20 AM
Karen from NYC

Who is this journalist? Is she on Romney's payroll? She has already decided the election against Obama.

May. 15 2012 10:20 AM

as long as we make sure we keep all the voting blocks separate everything will be ok.

May. 15 2012 10:20 AM
David from Fredericksburg, VA

Maybe Obama's falling in popularity with women because they're not buying what he's selling.

May. 15 2012 10:19 AM

Really? Unless it's an outlier? Come on.

May. 15 2012 10:18 AM
Martin Chuzzlewit from Manhattan


Ignoring the incoherence of your post.....
This is public guests need to pass an ideological test for a minimum level of leftist credentials.

May. 15 2012 10:17 AM
Mike In Brooklyn from Clinton Hill

Did she just split hairs about a 4000 person difference between the two appearances at OSU? Amazing.

May. 15 2012 10:17 AM

Has anyone in the media questioned the stat Romney quoted re poverty and belief?

May. 15 2012 10:17 AM
The Truth from Becky

"softened his tone on hispanics?" boy you people are stupid with word!

May. 15 2012 10:16 AM

Has anyone fact-checked the Romney 2% statement? I find it very hard to swallow.

Will Brian ask ML if there is a point at which Mr. Murdoch should step down from his leadership role in FNC? If he doesn't step down, would she resign?

May. 15 2012 10:14 AM

man graduation speeches this early in the morning...

May. 15 2012 10:13 AM

"Jerry Falwell". Do we really need say more???

May. 15 2012 10:09 AM

The appearance of Mara Liasson raises an obvious issue, which will doubtless be ignored in the course of this segment: what does Murdoch's News Corp demand of its employees, particularly its Fox News employees, and how might those demands color Liasson's performance or reflect her biases or character, even forgetting her willingness to work for Fox News, which speaks for itself?

The ongoing criminal investigation into Murdoch's "news" organs does nothing to diminish the urgency of the matter.

Or are listeners simply supposed to suspend their disbelief? True, this suspension is required for most of Brian's guests from the world of "journalism". The case of Liasson, however, does focus a particular attention on the question, difficult to ignore.

May. 15 2012 10:02 AM

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