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Trying to Reach Partial Verdict, Espada Jury Continues Deliberations

A day after declaring themselves deadlocked, jurors in the Pedro Espada, Jr. corruption case were back deliberating for a ninth day โ€” asking the court for articles of evidence and requesting the judge clarify how voting might work for a partial verdict.

"With counts that have two parts if we have agreement on one part but not the other would that be considered as a valid verdict on that count," a note to Judge Frederic Block asked.

The former Bronx state senator and his son are facing eight fraud counts โ€” all related to allegedly embezzling money from the Soundview network of health clinics.

Block told the jurors that they needed to consider each of the two defendants individually, charge by charge. Only unanimous votes count toward conviction or acquittal, so a partial verdict could mean the eight charges receive a mix of votes for guilty or not-guilty, with some charges not getting a unanimous vote one way or the other.

Outside the courthouse, Espada and his lawyer continued to sound upbeat. At one point, he brandished the rosary he was wearing around his neck, held up the crucifix and gave an elaborate explanation about how it was saving him from the "evil spiritual powers" of the prosecution.