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Rufus Wainwright, 'Candles,' Live on Soundcheck

Rufus Wainwright's new album is called, Out Of The Game. But what does it mean? Wainwright says the meaning of the title is, "very slippery." 

After writing a grand opera and producing it on two continents, Wainwright was relieved to come back to the world of pop.

"Before going into the world of opera ... I had a very misconstrued idea of the classical world," Wainwright explained. "I thought it was this much deeper, much more meaningful, imbued with sensitivity kind of place. And once I got there, it was really the opposite."

In the video below, watch Wainwright perform "Candles," which he wrote on the occasion of the death of his mother, Kate McGarrigle. The song was recorded with Wainwright's band, but here he sings a cappella.