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Not Your Mama's 'Dark Shadows'

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp's version of the cult classic "Dark Shadows" hits the big screen on Friday, bringing the Gothic soap opera back from the dead nearly 50 years after it debuted on TV.

The original series, which ran on the ABC television network from 1966 to 1971, garnered its fierce following after it began incorporating elements of the paranormal into its storyline, which was unprecedented for daytime television. "Dark Shadows" started with ghosts.  Then the vampire character, Barnabas Collins, came onto the scene, and he quickly became the show's most popular personality.

The new film is quite a different take on the "Dark Shadows" story. While the original show gained its camp classic status through its earnestness, mind-bending plot twists and countless production gaffes -- including flubbed lines, stagehands caught on camera and wobbly sets -- the Burton-Depp collaboration is super-slick and goes out of its way to try to be funny.

As film critic David Edelstein, of New York Magazine and Fresh Air, tells me, this is not a remake for die-hard fans.

Hear more from Edelstein on the old television series and the new film by clicking the audio above. Also, watch a trailer for the 2012 film below.

Get a taste of the original "Dark Shadows" television show by watching this blooper reel. The mistakes actually made it to air to keep expenses down and because of the demanding schedule required to produce a daily half-hour show.