Europe On the Edge, Who Fakes a Resume in 2012?

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What does President Obama want from Europe?  It’s the question that hangs over the head of the White House as leaders of the G-8 come to the U.S. for meetings next week

There's also more political uncertainty in Greece and sharp anti-austerity rhetoric from the new French president, again raising the specter that Europe's economies will continue to founder.  Twenty percent of U.S. trade is with the Euro Zone and a new wave of instability there could be the undoing of the weak economic growth here.  Stability, on the other hand, could benefit our economy as just the President rolls out his re-election campaign.  So who are the Republicans of Europe?  How does what happens in Paris play out in Pennsylvania?

Plus:  Scott Thompson, CEO of Yahoo, padded his resume, claiming an extra degree in computer science that he didn’t earn.  Now, some think he should resign.  It’s so easy to investigate nearly any claim these days (with search engines like, Yahoo), why do people do it? 

And Joe Nocera and Rana Foroohar give us a peek at events they’re watching: patent wars and the future of the Postal Service.