Gig Alert: Yarn|Wire

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"Tile Mosaic (After Chagall)"
Playing on Friday at The Stone
 (Ave. C and 2nd St., East Village)
Get: Tickets ($10 at the door) | Directions

Two pianists and two percussionists make up the acoustic ensemble Yarn|Wire. Since its founding in 2005, the quartet’s members -- Ian Antonio (percussion), Laura Barger (piano), Russell Greenberg (percussion) and Ning Yu (piano) -- have performed classical and modern works. Yarn|Wire has also premiered pieces by emerging composers.

The group’s album Tone Builders, released in 2010, includes new works by New York-based composers. One of them is “Tile Mosaic (After Chagall),” which is available for download above and is by composer Sam Pluta.

In the album material, Pluta explains his inspiration for the fanciful piece: “In a century of unspeakable horrors, Chagall was able to make a new art out of light blue and pink pastels, pastoral scenes with lute playing goats, wafting god-like clouds, floating nymphets, and moon-drenched lovers. Though thoroughly devoid of goats and gods, this piece is an attempt to make a similar music.  It uses small sounds, joyful hues, and playful counterpoint arranged in a sea of pastels; swirling and rotating; converging and dissipating.”

Listen to more of the four-piece’s music in this video for “Yarny|Wiry” by Texas-based composer Mei-Fang Lin.

Yarn|Wire performs at The Stone on Friday night.