Gig Alert: The Brain Cloud

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The Brain Cloud
"Blues For Dixie"
Playing on Monday at Barbes
(376 9th St., Park Slope)
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The Brooklyn six-piece The Brain Cloud plays a warm and lively blend of country, blues, and swing jazz.

According to bandleader Dennis Lichtman, the two-year-old group draws inspiration from a song called “The Brain Cloudy Blues,” by the Western swing legend Bob Wills.

“The term 'brain cloud' resonated with me in three ways," he said. "First, the way it's described in the song lyrics: ‘My brain is cloudy, my soul is upside down ... when I get that low-down feeling, I know the blues must be some place around.’ Second, I like the metaphor of a cloud in my head filled with all of the instruments and music I've listened to and studied over the past two decades ... and when I play, it pours back out. Third, in a more modern, New York sense, the hustle of the city, the constant pressure to do a million things, keep track of a million people and commitments, and keep piling on more, is enough to cloud anyone's brain.”

The Brain Cloud are: Lichtman (electric mandolin, fiddle, clarinet), Kevin Dorn (snare drum), Andrew Hall (upright bass), Tamar Korn (vocals), Skip Krevens (hollowbody electric guitar), and Raphael McGregor (lap steel guitar). Its band members hail from northeast and California and reside in New York and New Jersey.

“What we all have in common is having grown up with a wide variety of music in our homes and on the radio, and having enjoyed country and various ‘roots’ musics at an age, and in places, where that wasn't considered cool (yet),” said Lichtman.

The Brain Cloud performs at Barbes every Monday night. To hear some of its music, watch the band perform its namesake tune in the video below. Also, download the band's rendition of another Wills tune, “Blues For Dixie.”