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Rutgers Board Rejects Merger Plan

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The Board of Trustees at Rutgers University has voted down a plan that would allow Rowan University to absorb its Camden campus.

The board voted 32-4 against the plan.

The Rutgers Board said the plan "would deprive Rutgers of property and assets," and "remove from Rutgers a broad range of undergraduate, graduate and professional educational offerings," in a publicly-released resolution following the vote.

But in that resolution, the board also signaled willingness to reach another agreement.

"While we do not support such severance, we remain open to alternative proposals where Rutgers-Camden remains part of Rutgers University," it read.

Governor Chris Christie had wanted the merger, which is part of his plan to reorganize the state’s higher education system, completed by July 1. Governor Christie's office was not immediately available for comment on the vote.