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Snapshot | Google Says 'Happy Birthday' to NY Artist Keith Haring

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Google has used letters inspired by the work of the late New York artist Keith Haring for the "doodle" above its homepage search bar.

Haring died tragically of AIDS in 1990. Friday would have been his 54th birthday.

Julia Gruen, director of the Keith Haring Foundation, said the world’s largest search engine honoring Haring's birthday was a perfect, 21st-century, tribute to his art and ambitions.

"Keith once expressed his fantasy that in the future, his images might be 'beamed' around the world in seconds," she wrote in a statement that will soon be posted online. "That future is now, and I firmly believe that for Keith, the Internet would have been a realization of that excitement and cautious curiosity."

A Google spokesperson said honoring the seminal artist with a "doodle" was a natural choice due to Haring's social activism, colorful palette, the whimsical nature of his characters and his ability to take large expanses of white space and then mess with it.

The Brooklyn Museum is currently showing an exhibition of Haring's work from 1978 to 1982.

Haring's 1989 "Once Upon A Time" bathroom mural is also open to the public at the NYC LGBT Community Center as are his "Crack is Wack" handball court murals at Harlem River Drive and E. 128th St.

WNYC got tipped off to the Haring-inspired doodle by a tweet from Untapped Cities.