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At Jamaica Bay Wildlife Preserve, Tracking an Osprey via GPS (NYT)
Lisa W. Foderaro reports: “It is hard enough to be an expectant father without being captured, blindfolded
and sewn into a harness affixed with a satellite transmitter that will track your every move. That is what happened at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge on Tuesday to a surprisingly self-possessed osprey, a once-threatened bird of prey whose comeback since the 1970s has made it a symbol of ecological recovery.”

Stabbed NYPD Officer Eder Loor Heading Home Today (NY Daily News)
Joe Kemp reports: “A city cop who stared death in the face when a maniac off his meds plunged a jagged knife into his brain is expected to walk out of a hospital on Wednesday. Police Officer Eder Loor — speaking publicly about the vicious attack for the first time — told the Daily News that he was simply grateful.”

NY State Assembly Passes Bill Considered Step Toward DREAM Act (NY Daily News)
Glenn Blain reports: “It may be the next best thing to a dream — or a DREAM Act — for the college-bound children of illegal immigrants. The state Assembly Tuesday voted 136 to 3 to create a privately financed scholarship fund to help the children of immigrants pay college tuitions.”

Black Car Drivers Vote to Unionize (Crain’s)
Daniel Massey reports: “In a move that could shift the balance of power in the city's black-car industry, drivers who work for Long Island City, Queens-based Town Car International voted Tuesday to unionize by a count of 125 to 62, union officials said.”

Crime Edges Up Across the City With Spikes In Every Borough (DNAinfo)
Patrick Wall reports: “Crime is up across the city with every borough showing alarming spikes in grand larcenies, robberies, rapes and misdemeanor sex crimes. New Yorkers have reported more than 10,700 grand larcenies this year — 888 more than in the same period last year, according to NYPD CompStat numbers. Police have responded to more than 930 misdemeanor sex crime complaints, which include sexual abuse and groping — a 15 percent surge over the first four months of 2011.”

Board Is Met With Jeers as It Recommends an Increase in Rents (NYT)
C.J. Hughes reports: “A panel voted on Tuesday to recommend raising rents on rent-stabilized apartments in New York City by amounts comparable to those approved last year. By a vote of 5 to 4 at Cooper Union’s Great Hall, the Rent Guidelines Board approved increases of 1.75 percent to 4 percent on one-year leases, and 3.5 percent to 6.75 percent increases on two-year leases.The actual increases will be narrowed to a single percentage when the board votes again on June 21, after hearings on June 13 and 18, at which members of the public can testify.”

Top Judge Makes Free Legal Work Mandatory for Joining State Bar (NYT)
Anne Barnard reports: “Starting next year, New York will become the first state to require lawyers to perform unpaid work before being licensed to practice, the state’s chief judge announced on Tuesday, describing the rule as a way to help the growing number of people who cannot afford legal services.”

Medicaid Rolls Soar, But Costs Are Down in New York State (Albany Times Union)
Casey Seiler reports: “Gov. Andrew Cuomo's four principal health care and fiscal officials gathered Tuesday in the Capitol's Blue Room to note the efforts of the Medicaid Redesign Team enabled the state to come in $14 million under the program's Global Spending Cap for the 2011-2012 fiscal year.”

Can Bus Elevators Spare Buses the Return Trip to New Jersey?(Capital NY)
Dana Rubinstein reports: “Right now, buses pick up New Jersey residents in the morning, deposit them at the Port Authority Bus Terminal at 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue, and then, because they have no place to park, return to New Jersey, only to make the round trip all over again for the evening rush hour. A bus garage somewhere on the far west side, though, would go some way toward ameliorating the problem.”

NY Senate GOP Distributes $10M More to Schools.. But Only In Their Districts (WSJ)
The Associated Press reports: “The state Senate's Republican majority provided almost $10 million more in school aid Tuesday night, but only to school districts represented by Republican senators this election year.
In one of the most heated floor fights in recent years in the sharply partisan chamber, Senate Democrats called the unexpected extra school aid nothing more than pork-barrel spending, which was supposed to be eliminated in the budget adopted in March. The debate also ignited an upstate versus downstate fight in the chamber where Republicans have a 32-30 majority.”

NYC Barbers Can’t Charge Women More Than Men (Fox)
Todd Starnes reports: “A New York City barber was accused of violating the city’s discrimination policy because he charged women three dollars more for a hair cut than men.

‘I’m here for 21 years and I’ve never heard of such a thing,” said Leon Kogut, the owner of Leon’s Fantasy Cut in Brooklyn. “The guy tells me this is discrimination of a woman.’

Kogut, who is originally from the former Soviet Union, told Fox News he ran afoul of the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs. An inspector slapped the barber with three violations totaling $650 in fines.