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UPDATED: In NY-06 General Election Preview, Lancman Blasts Halloran Over Living Wage Vote

Assemblyman Rory Lancman fired off a press release on Tuesday slamming his potential opponent in the 6th Congressional District, City Councilman Dan Halloran, over his vote against the living wage bill that passed on Monday.

“Mr. Halloran’s ‘no’ vote on the living wage bill in the City Council was a slap in the face to working New Yorkers desperately struggling to get by in this economy,” Lancman said in the statement. “Apparently, the right to earn ten dollars an hour is an unfair demand for working people in our city to make of companies receiving over $1 million in government subsidies.”

Lancman also opened up what could likely be his initial line of attack going into the general election, should he win the Democratic primary on June 26.

"Just like the Republicans in Washington who have blocked countless initiatives aimed at giving middle-class and working families a leg up, Mr. Halloran is focused on fulfilling the desires of the wealthy and the biggest corporations instead of fighting for the needs of working people in Queens,” Lancman said, going on to criticize Halloran for his votes against a council resolution against corporate personhood and paid sick leave.

Lancman has the support from many in the labor coalition that supported the living wage bill, such as the Retail Wholesale and Department Store Union.


The Halloran and Lancman campaign's have been involved in back-and-forth throughout the day after Lancman's campaign went on the offensive this morning.

Halloran responded earlier:

Ask the American people what President Obama and the Democrats know about creating jobs and they will tell you: next to nothing.

High wage floors mean that the lowest-paid workers, the most vulnerable in our society who Democrats claim they care about, will lose their jobs.  It's simple: if the wage floor is too high, the number of jobs will go down.  Millions of Americans remain underemployed or unemployed because of the President and the Democrats' failed big government policies.  Perhaps if the government stopped taking 40% of working people’s paychecks in taxes, they could survive on this so-called ‘living wage.’

It’s funny to hear a politician like Assemblyman Lancman pretend he knows how to create a private sector job.  All he’s done the last six years is campaign for every office he can think of, trying to create a public sector job for one person -- himself.  Career politicians like Assemblyman Lancman can’t create jobs.  Small businesses create jobs.

A few hours later, Lancman retorted:

Fox News' favorite councilman is at it again: Protecting companies that are living high off taxpayer subsidies, while telling people who work for a living to take a hike. Quick economics lesson: when working and middle-class people have more income, they spend it on goods and services, which stimulates the economy and creates more jobs. The living wage bill also stops the race to the bottom, where companies compete with each other to pay their workers less and less in wages in benefits.  I'll put my record of fighting for working people up against Councilman Halloran's record of shilling for massive corporations and millionaires any day of the week.

It's worth noting that Halloran's other potential opponent who happened to have actually voted on the bill yesterday, Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley, hasn't said anything about her colleague's vote. She voted in favor of the living wage measure.