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Ramps versus Gasoline: What Will You Pay Good Money for?

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I'm supposed to hyperventilate when I see ramps at my local green market. They're wild! They're the first green veggie of the season! They're SO GOOD, and their season is SO FLEETING!

And they're SO EXPENSIVE. The price tag is what gets me breathing heavily: $4 a bunch, $15 a pound. Really? For an onion?

I smiled when I noticed this photo on The City Cook blog. I don't know when it was taken, but it had to be a year or two ago. A $2.50 price tag for ramps seems quaint, like a 25-cent pack of gum.

Meanwhile, gas is somewhere around $4.25 a gallon at stations in the city.

What would I rather spend $4 on? A little bunch of ramps that are gone in two meals? Or a gallon of gas that will get me back and forth to the green market about 14 times?  

Kidding! I walk to the market. It's just six blocks from my apartment. But still. 

I'm going with the fossil fuel.