Watch: Quinn Storms Off Stage During Living Wage Rally

Monday, April 30, 2012 - 01:43 PM

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn stormed off stage at a rally in support of the living wage bill outside City Hall Monday after she was interrupted by a supporter who referred to the mayor — an opponent of the bill as — "Pharaoh Bloomberg."

Quinn was at the podium against the backdrop of other elected officials, labor leaders and other supporters.

"Now, look. That's not appropriate," Quinn said, turned around at the crowd.

"You stand here talking about democracy and wanting people to listen. In democracy, people have the right to have different views and they do not, we do not have the right to then call them names. So I would just ask, if that's what this press conference is about then I'll go right back inside and continue the work of business. But this is not democracy — calling people names who don't agree with you. So whoever said I'd ask that you apologize."

Quinn turned back to the podium, then said, "Congratulations on the bill. I'm not going to participate in name-calling."

She then walked off the stage.

(H/T to Colin Campbell of The Politicker for the footage)



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David from Brooklyn

So, according to Christine Quinn, a billionaire has the right to stop working New Yorkers from being paid a living wage, but citizens do not have the right to call him names? Thanks, Speaker Quinn, for explaining the true meaning of the word "democracy!"

Apr. 30 2012 07:41 PM
David from Manhattan

Quinn isn't fit for public office.

Here is a woman who ascended to her own throne by disregarding the will of the public THREE TIMES, in order to escape term limits and save herself from having to get an actual job. The

people kept saying "yes we want term limits" and she kept saying "okay, you don't really want that, let's vote again," repeat until fade.

And now she is complaining that some idiot is calling Bloomberg a "Pharaoh"? Bloomberg is a socialist compared to this blowhard dictator.

I hope she doesn't dare run for Mayor, because I don't trust her for a second.

Apr. 30 2012 05:24 PM
Timmy Timmy Dum Dum from United States of Dumberica

Can't wait to have this scolding, loudmouth schoolmarm as a mayor.

Apr. 30 2012 04:14 PM
Brian from Brooklyn, NY

Nevermind that Bloomberg himself has referred to the bill as Communist (an epithet in many peoples' opinion).

Not that that justifies the insult. What justifies it is that the spirit of it is true.

Apr. 30 2012 04:09 PM

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