City Ready for Upcoming OWS Protest, Says Mayor

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg is not losing any sleep over a series of protests planned by organizers associated with Occupy Wall Street for Tuesday. The group is calling for a day “without the 99 percent” on May 1 including a series of demonstrations across the city, some which are permitted and others that may take place more spontaneously.

“These are things we deal with all the time,” said Bloomberg on Sunday, who would not describe how the city was preparing, “for obvious reasons,” but stressed that people have a right to protest, “and we will protect that right.”

But the mayor cautioned that protesters do not have the right to disrupt other people, “just going about their business,” and said the city will need to, “find the right balance.”

Other offshoot groups, some not formally affiliated with Occupy Wall Street, are also planning actions that day including 99 pickets and strike everywhere, which both have actions planned for the day.