Who Had the Better Week—Cuomo or Christie?

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Both rock stars in their own right, both trying to right their states' ships, and both building serious momentum for a potential presidential run. Every Friday, we'll look at whose week will look better on a résumé come 2016.

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Andrew Cuomo

Getting clean

Despite the recent solar scandal at Solyndra, Governor Cuomo remains up on the sun.

Just in time for Earth Week, Cuomo announced on Thursday that New York would be home to a new solar testing laboratory — the first of its kind on the East Coast, the administration says — and would push an initiative to get more customer-sited solar power installed around the state.

Cuomo also pledged $450 million to overhaul state buildings and make energy-efficient improvements. The state expects to pay that money back with future savings on reduced energy consumption.

"The initiatives announced today will save businesses, homeowners, and taxpayers money and help ensure that our state remains a leader in clean energy production and environmental protection," Cuomo said. 

Here's hoping Cuomo's investments go a little better than some of Obama's.

  • Verdict: +1

Enter Hillary

Watch it, Politico. We're the ones trying to corner the 2016 über-hypothetical media market.

Yes, it seems it's not enough to imagine a presidential duel between Cuomo and Christie before this year's contest is over — now we have to throw Hillary Clinton's name into the mix.

Could the current Secretary of State pose a serious threat to Cuomo in a Democratic primary? Sure. Let's talk about it for the next four years, why don't we?

But the more interesting thing to consider is that with the inclusion of Clinton in 2016 speculation, that's three big names from the Mid-Atlantic's armpit.

Why stop there? Let's draft Rudy Giuliani next. Bloomberg won't be busy. Maybe Jeremy Lin could be persuaded to throw his hat in the ring. Does the Bronx Zoo Cobra still have name recognition?

  • Verdict: Kill me

Chris Christie

Net loss

"Good riddance." That was Chris Christie's parting message for the New Jersey Nets, who played their last game in the Garden State this week. The team will move to Brooklyn this fall.

"You don't want to stay, we don't want you," Christie said.

No one has any delusion that this will impact Christie's 2016 viability in any way, shape, or form. But come on with that "we don't want you" nonsense. Really? When did Christie start sounding like a jilted teenager? Or a disgruntled, delusional employee? "You can't fire me, I quit!"

We all know Christie can burn a bridge — a trail of smoldering ash is all that's left between him and Frank Lautenberg — but at some point it may serve the Governor to be gracious. At least in the case of a relocated basketball team. It's just a game, after all.

  • Verdict: -1

    →Final Score: Cuomo 1 — Christie -1