Guest Picks: Andre Gregory

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Director Andre Gregory was on the Lopate Show recently to discuss Louis Malle's last film, "Uncle Vanya on 42nd Street," which captured a 1990s production of Chekhov's play that was directed by Mr. Gregory. He also told us what's on his reading list these days!

What have you read or seen over the past year (book, play, film, etc…) that moved or surprised you?

         Books: Hemingway’s Boat by Paul Hendrickson

                    Robert Caro’s biography of Lyndon Johnson

                    The World of Yesterday by Stefan Zweig

         Film: Tree of Life


What’s the last great book you read?

       Hemingway’s Boat


What’s one thing you’re a fan of that people might not expect?



What’s your favorite comfort food?

      Ice cream (chocolate espresso)