Gig Alert: Juan Cirerol

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Juan Cirerol
"La Chola"
Playing on Saturday at Salon Hecho
(356 Bowery, NoHo)
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Singer-songwriter Juan Cirerol is a leading light in the emerging Mexican music known as alt-norteño. Though he got his start performing in punk bands, Cirerol's music is also closely influenced by country bluesmen from the U.S. and Mexico--like Johnny Cash, Cornelio Reyna and Los Relampagos del Norte--who he grew up listening to in the border city of Mexicali.

Cirerol sings about love, alienation and drugs over guitar and harmonica melodies that blend polka, rock ‘n’ roll, country and punk. The ballads that result have a distinctively 21st-century northern Mexican sound — gritty, cross-cultural, border-blurred — that feels traditional and modern at the same time.

To check out Cirerol’s music, download “La Chola,” from his debut album Ofrenda al Mictlan and check out his music video for the song “Corrido Chicalor.” Juan Cirerol makes his New York debut at Salon Hecho on Saturday night.