Gig Alert: Ed Askew

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Ed Askew
"Deep Waters" **This song was available for download for a limited period and is now stream-only.**
Playing on Wednesday at Judson Memorial Church 
(55 Washington Square South)
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Singer-songwriter Ed Askew has experienced a resurgence in recent years. That's in part due to the reissues of much of the New Haven, Conn.-native's back catalog of late-1960s obscure psychedelic folk music, including Askew's acclaimed debut Ask The Unicorn.

In 2008, he began recording and releasing new material after nearly a 25-year break. The recent work adds electronics in the form of drum machines and synthesizers to Askew's distinctive folk palette, which includes a harpsichord and a 10-string lute-like instrument called a tiple.

Stream “Deep Water” above. The song is from Askew’s 1984 album Imperfiction, which was re-released last year on Drag City Records. Also, watch the music video for “A Song For Jay,” from his 2011 album, Waiting on Tables, below.

Ed Askew performs at Judson Church on Wednesday night.