Gig Alert: Lower Dens

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Lower Dens
Playing on Tuesday at Mercury Lounge
(217 E. Houston St., East Village)
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The Baltimore rock quartet Lower Dens uses a palette of dense synth, motorik beats and atmospherics to create the brooding, shoegaze-prog rock on its new album, Nootropics, which will be released on Tuesday night.

The followup to the group’s 2010 debut, Twin-Hand Movement, gets its name from "mind-bending" memory- and intelligence-enhancing drugs. The music has an entrancing, liminal-crossing feeling that’s guided by the malleable, assured voice of frontwoman Jana Hunter.

Lower Dens celebrates the album release with a show at Mercury Lounge on Tuesday night. Ahead of the gig, download the record's lead single, “Brains,” and watch the music video for the song below.