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"Shape of Things to Come"
Playing on Monday at Glasslands Gallery
(289 Kent Ave., Williamsburg)
Get: Tickets ($14) | Directions 

In January, the avant-pop sound collage duo The Books called it quits after 12 years of playing together. Fortunately for the band's bereft fans, Nick Zammuto’s new four-piece, Zammuto, bears some of The Books’ DNA both sonically as well as in its lineup. Gene Back, who was the guitarist, keyboardist and violinist for The Books, joins drummer Sean Dixon and bassist Mikey Zammuto in the new outfit.

Zammuto’s self-titled first effort was released on April 3. The frontman likened its creation and conceptual layout to the stages of grieving and healing in a Pitchfork interview in January. Songs on the 11-track debut resemble kaleidoscopic melodic compositions of funked-out guitar lines, sweeping strings, jittery percussion, manipulated vocals and off-beat samples. The tune “Shape of Things to Come,” from Zammuto, is available for download above and the entire album can be streamed here.

Zammuto plays Glasslands Gallery on Monday night.