Saima Wahab: Translating Afghanistan

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Saima Wahab, Afghan-American wartime translator and now author of In My Father's Country: An Afghan Woman Defies Her Fate, talks about her work in Afghanistan as a wartime translator and adviser with the U.S. Army, and how she seeks to straddle the cultural divide between the United States and Afghanistan. 


Saima Wahab

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Frank Church

Enough of this about the war. It isn't a war, it's a power grab, that we failed miserably at. We need to get out and let the peace Jirga get underway, the way the Afghanis want it and quit murdering their people. Don't forget, your taxes pay for the body bags.

Apr. 24 2012 07:34 PM
Dr. Koshi from Upper East Side

I listened to leonards Lopate interview with Ben Anderson and today's brian lehrer's interview with Saima Wahab, the Pashtun translator/cultural co-ordinator for the military and HUNG MY HEAD IN SHAME.

What a waste of soldiers, living with injury and dead, Afghanis living with injury and dead and the loads of money the American tax payer wasted in Afghanistan.

I am so sad, that George Bush decided to go to war. I hated it then and I dislike the fact that Barack Obama tries to make it right with Karzai at the helm.

Between Ben and Saima, we have destroyed the Afghan nation and ourselves in the sight of many in Asia. Will anyone take the blame? Should the top military be questioned?

If there are 2 people that Barack Obama and Joe Biden must listen to They are Ben Anderson and Saima Wahab. What a pity that the Presidents informers are not Brian and Leonard. Thank you WNYC to bring the truth to us.

Apr. 24 2012 04:11 PM

There is NO amount of "homework" an invading army can do that will make invasion okay for everyone!

Apr. 24 2012 11:52 AM

I know this will provoke ire from my touchy-feely "leftie" comrades but...

How can we "fix" this backward culture???

A BRUTAL patriarchal, misogynistic, uneducated society.

Isn't the hoped-for change for this place the sort of thing that needs to come from within?

I find it extraordinarily frustrating listening to this woman.

This horse is just NOT gunna drink the proverbial water.


Apr. 24 2012 11:49 AM
Patricia DeGennaro from New York

Finally, a person discussing what is really going on in Afghanistan. Thank you Brian. What Saima is saying is so important. The worry however is how much harm the US has caused without just doing a little homework. It's shameful.

Apr. 24 2012 11:44 AM
snoop from BK

Consider that if Americans could read something other than English, they might have been able to read "Holy Koran" on the covers of those books that they burned... perhaps, had they seen that, they would have taken them out of the burn pit.

Unbelieveable that we invade a country and don't bother to learn the language, and don't realize it's a problem for 10 years. Absolutely pathetic.

Apr. 24 2012 11:39 AM

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