Micropolis: Another Week in NYC

Each week, Micropolis compiles a list of the most offbeat, engaging and downright mystifying stories in the city, from midtown to the sandy shores of Gerritsen Beach.

Herein, we present the inaugural edition of "Another Week in NYC."

  1. New York City doesn't lead the country in music listening habits. Atlanta does.
  2. Neighborhood activists sick of Williamsburg's outdoor diners have declared a War on Brunch.
  3. Heart attacks are the leading cause of death for on-duty firefighters, including FDNY Lt. Richard Nappi, a Bronx native who died this week.
  4. Slate asks "Are New York's pigeons getting fatter?" before ultimately concluding, no, they're not.
  5. Occupy Wall Street is finally occupying Wall Street. Or at least trying to.
  6. Italian restaurants in Brooklyn are plagued by customers claiming to be famiglia.
  7. The new Clinton Hill food coop is struggling to attract non-white members.
  8. Question featuring a talking pineapple on NY State exam bewilders 8th graders and pretty much everyone else.
  9. City cracks down on smokers, but most of them are tourists.
  10. Times Square billboard featuring 'real women' threatens monopoly held by waifish models.