Things We Learned This Week

A collection of the touching, funny, and off-beat things we heard on the air this week.

A teacher changed Jim Abbott’s life by teaching the future Yankees pitcher a way that he could tie his shoes despite not having a right hand. 


The next time you're listening to a musician on a subway platform, remember the following, courtesy of former busker Nellie McKay: street musicians really do appreciate any coins you drop in their case.


You may have been discombobulated in the past. Have you ever been just plain ol’ combobulated


Mike Nichols on casting the lead role of the new revival of “Death of a Salesman”: “If you were actually Willy Loman’s age, you couldn’t play Willy Loman. You would die.”


Charlayne Hunter-Gault and Raymond De Felitta and Yvonne Johnson shared two powerful stories about the South during segregation and the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement.