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60-Second Stir-Fry: Perry Hack

Hydroponic greens farmer Perry Hack, of Two Guys from Woodbridge, gets out of the greenhouse and into the 60-Second Stir-Fry hot seat.

Hack's operation is in Connecticut -- Hamden, actually, not Woodbridge, and he lost his business partner along the way -- so we started the lightning round with a few questions about the Nutmeg State. 

Kudos to Hack for not ducking the question about a bikeway along the Merritt Parkway. The proposed 37.5-mile trail is generating heated discussion and you can check out the feasibility study here

Hack may have had a ready answer about the bikeway, but his favorite cookbook didn't come as readily to mind.  Hmm ... what's the "red cookbook" he may have been referring to? I suggested Amanda Hesser's huge tome, The Essential New York Times Cookbook (a recent WNYC pledge premium!), but no, that wasn't it. 

Jump into the wok. What's your favorite cookbook? What's your go-to recipe? And Connecticut listeners, are you in favor of the Merritt Parkway bike trail?