Listen: Cornel West and Tavis Smiley on Whether War is Inevitable

Friday, April 20, 2012 - 11:32 AM

Princeton Professor Cornel West  and Tavis Smiley, co-hosts of Smiley & West, which airs Sundays at 4PM on AM 820, came to WNYC to discuss their new book, The Rich And The Rest Of Us: A Poverty Manifesto. Brian asked them the End of War question: Is war inevitable. Listen.


Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornel West

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scott patrick from Red Bank, NJ

I listened to the recording of Travis Smiley and Dr.Cornel West twice, just to be sure I was not mistaken. Regretfully, there responses were quite empty and with our resolve. Notice how they did not stay on point, but strayed away from the real question or the real solution. Notice how a significant quote of Martin Luther King Jr. can made utterly insignificant, by there failure to connect it to the present. The quote is so important as it applies to what the US Government was doing at the time. By failing to make an application for it today, is like a letter mailed without an address. And Brian, I find that when it comes to war and solutions for peace, you remain very noncommittal. This may be your role as a talk show host, not wanting to say anything that could upset some of your listeners. It was classic of you to steer the conversation away from the topic to something like slavery or minorities erroneously being the bulk of those sent to fight wars. We have three very influencail people who have No Answers. How can we expect the listeners, their program audience or the students in Dr. West's classes to hear anything of substance. My solution or at least a great deterrent, is to prosecute Bush/Obama for these illegal wars and the war crimes (dirty bomb uranium munitions). They should be prosecuted just like Charles Taylor. If found guilty, they should spend the rest of their lives in solitary confinement or hung publicly in the National Mall near to the Washington monument. Until we hold our leaders accountable for their actions, we will suffer their tyranny and abuse of power.

May. 16 2012 08:35 PM
Jay from New jersey

I listened to the show today and I have to say it's truly amazing how you think that everyone who has ever made something of their lives seems to owe all their money to the community at large.
If I make money off an new chip design, yes there were other people involved but in the end it was my design, my creativity, and my abilities that led to it. You both denigrate the individual experience which is what the left seems to do all the time.
Many of the wealthy not only support the various charities for the poor but they pay the majority of income taxes that the welfare programs depend upon. It's not immoral to be successful but it is to be envious and steal what others have.

Apr. 29 2012 05:01 PM

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