New Water Meters Spike Bills: Report

A new report finds that New York City's high-tech automatic water meters are hitting customers with some huge and unexplained bills.

The new meters are meant save money with automated billing, but Public Advocate Bill de Blasio said residents complaining to him about unexplained spikes in their water bills.

“It's time for the mayor to step in and suspend these bills until we know we are charging people the right amount," De Blasio said.

The report recommended changes to the billing and collection system.

The Department of Environmental Protection said it has seen no significant change in the number of bill disputes.The DEP said the new devises have saved customers an estimated $10 million.

“The new wireless meter readers are providing accurate data," it said in a statement." In fact, the number of bill disputes since these transmitters started to be installed in 2009 are at a five year low."