Today's Takeaway: Tennessee's Monkey Bill Goes Into Effect, Young Americans Are Driving Less, Ultimate Frisbee Goes Pro and Searching for Etan Patz

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On today's Takeaway, we discuss the "monkey bill" that goes into effect in Tennessee, allowing public school teachers to teach alternatives to such scientific topics as evolution and climate change. Also on The Takeaway, we talk to WNYC reporter Janet Babin about the renewed search for the first milk carton boy Etan Patz; Grammy Award-winning musician John Leventhal about the life of The Band's Levon Helm; Tony Dutzik, co-author of a study that claims young Americans are driving less than in previous generations; Muslim-rights activist Debbie Almontaser and WNYC editor Bob Hennelly about the NYPD's secret surveillance of Muslims; and Raymie Younkin, the general manager and head coach for the Bluegrass Revolution, a professional ultimate frisbee team. Also on the show, our Follow Friday panel talks Secret Service, Dick Clark, and the War on Moms, while our Movie Date team discusses the week's new releases.