Stream It Here: Chango Spasiuk, Andrew Bird and Diane Birch

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Quick hits of live music.

Chango Spasiuk

Accordion virtuoso Chango Spasiuk is from Northeastern Argentina, the cradle of a rhythm known as chamamé. It mixes the local indigenous Guaraní flavors with the Spanish guitar and the European accordion.


Andrew Bird

Multi-instrumentalist and lyricist Andrew Bird has released eclectic and ambitious albums that have garnered critical acclaim. Known for his unique harmonizing of vocals, violin, guitar, glockenspiel and whistling.


Diane Birch

Singer-songwriter Diane Birch is the daughter of a pastor, born in Michigan and bounced between Zimbabwe, South Africa, Australia, and Oregon as a child. Moving to Los Angeles, she honed her showbiz chops while performing in hotels and restaurants. Now in her mid 20s and based in Brooklyn, Diane Birch’s musical influences are as diverse as her upbringing: with soul rhythms, gospel harmonies and melodies straight out of ‘70’s AM radio.