New Music Soundtracks


For this New Sounds, listen to some new music film scores by the likes of John Zorn, and keyboardist, composer and producer Wayne Horvitz.  Plus, from Greece, there's music by Eleni Karaindrou, along with music from Michael Nyman and Philip Glass.  And much more.

PROGRAM # 3032, New Music Film Scores (First aired on Tues, 02/02/10)





Wayne Horvitz

Film Music 1998-2001

Waltz from Woman of Tokyo [4:30]

Tzadik 7514

John Zorn

Filmworks II- Music for an untitled film by Walter Hill

Arsenal - [:56]
Alternate EndingEnd Title [2:40]
Arsenal Dance mix [3:58]

Tzadik 7306

Wayne Horvitz

Film Music 1998-2001

Prelude to Charlie Chaplin’s The Circus [1:49]
Bellagio:Vegas [1:37]
Chihuly Over Venice: Monterey [1:22], The Aggregate [1:20]

See above.

Eleni Karaindrou

The Weeping Meadow

Prayer [4:13]
The Tree [2:44]
On the Road [3:37]

ECM 1885

Philip Glass

Philip on Film

Diaspora (from Diaspora) [7:47]

Nonesuch 79660 (5 CD set)

Michael Nyman

The Essential Michael Nyman Band

The Cook, the Thief, his Wife & her Lover: Memorial [10:00]

Argo 436820
Out of print, but try via or other auction sites.