NYCFacets Winner of BigApps Competition

An application that seeks to streamline the process of accessing and utilizing New York City's Open Data Portal is the winner of this year's third annual BigApps 3.0 competition.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday that NYCFacets was selected from a record 96 eligible submissions to the contest for software developers to create web or mobile applications using official City data.

The data includes information like property records, restaurant inspections and citywide events.

Bloomberg who has been pushing the tech sector in the city stressed that Tuesday night, saying New York City would be "number one."

"If you look at Silicon Valley, a lot of people are moving their companies to San Francisco, because people want to be challenged, and if you’re really smart you want to have art, you want to have culture, you want to have other companies, you want to have a big city—and New York is the ultimate big city," the mayor explained.

Second prize winner went to Work+, which allows people who work from home to find nearby locations to work in their communities.

The developers, Steven Baughman and Xichuan Wang, came up with the idea during some downtime at the office and a desire to do something creative.

"A lot of us have worked from home for extended periods of time, and anyone who’s done that has probably experienced quite a bit of cabin fever," Baughman said. "You end up gossiping at the bar about some boring problem that you ended up at work, that if you had a day job you might end up talking about around the water cooler."

Other winners included an app that alerts users when they're near famous movie scenes and an app that helps people plan a free day in the city.

Winning applications will receive cash prizes totaling $50,000.

With the Associated Press